A Small Business Review The Pros & Cons Of 5linx

From the Desktop of Stephanie Robey, Internet Entrepreneur

Why Read This 5Linx Review?

I am NOT a distributor or an employee of this company. I have an MBA and have spent many years learning things the hard way that eventually led me to be an expert in this industry. I have over 2 decades entrepreneurial experience in various businesses, primarily start-ups and am writing this so you can make your own decision about 5Linx as a business opportunity.

5Linx provides technology through a traditional Network Marketing business model. I see a huge opportunity for distributors in this company and will tell you exactly why at the end of this review.

Any business start-up will require your money and your time. Lots of both. MLMs are unique in that the startup costs are considerably less than say, a franchise, or a start-up. Never the less, you’ll need a mindset for success and the ability to really focus and get things done on your own.

The company has a sensible management team and a great compensation plan. I believe there are opportunities here to make a decent income if you understand how to market this company utilizing new technologies and marketing systems.

Read below for specific details.

Review of Pros & Cons


No glaring complaints jumped out in regards to the company. There were several distributors online that had switched to other companies with similar product lines but all were professionally handled with no “word slinging”.

Looking online at the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) site revealed no outstanding complaints, either. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Rochester, NY, showed dozens of complaints, all resolved. No government action or ad infringements currently existed against the company.

Years In Business

According to the BBB, the company has been in business since January, 2001. It’s always good to go with a company that has been established for a few years because statistics show most businesses will fail in their first 12 months.

5Linx Review: Management

The Company has a well-rounded team that encompasses each area of the business: cellular sales, product development and direct marketing. Sales expertise is always helpful and this team has it. Companies lacking sales aren’t in business for long. The sales criteria is met with this company.

Craig Jerabeck, CEO and President has been with the company since 2001. With a background in cellular sales at the retail level and plenty of management experience, Mr. Jerabeck is an excellent choice for this entrepreneurial venture.

Jeb Tyler, Executive Vice President – Marketing, holds a degree in Business Administration focused on Marketing but the corporate website says very little about his experience elsewhere. Mr. Jerabeck’s experience probably compliments Jeb’s.

Jason Guck, Exec VP of Sales, has experience in the direct marketing industry, critical for the distribution method the team has chosen. Mr. Guck has had years of success building sales orgainzations.

5Linx Review: Financial Stability

At the time of this writing, the company is privately held and listed on INC 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Not a bad sign. Growth has been over 800% in a 3 year period.

5Linx Review: Products

Wireless Phones and Accessories, Internet and Long Distance Services plus High Speed Internet and Satelliet TV make up the company’s product line. VoIP calling plans comprise the most popular of their services. I found no complaints about the quality of their products or services.

5Linx Review: Competition

This market has a lot of competition with familiar brand names which could make it difficult to convince people to switch. However, positioned properly with the ability to identify prospects, this could be a lucrative opportunity. Today, everyone uses phone services.

5Linx Review: Compensation Plan

This is a traditional MLM direct marketing model. You can earn money when you sign on new distributors to work the business as well as a residual income when customers pay their monthly bill for services. There’s also a monthly profit sharing bonus pool.

Plus, the top producers also get a leased BMW and benefits similar to traditional corporate executives like vacation time, health care and others bonuses. The top level also receives a car upgrade to a Bentley and more profit sharing.

Opportunities start at $99 (limited) and increase to $499.

5Linx Review: Leadership

The biggest disappointment about the business is that they are still using the old-school methods of marketing: the 3 foot rule, home and hotel meetings, personally contacting people. Interesting, considering they are selling such a high tech product.

Remember, you need a lot of people looking at your opportunity daily, in order to reach the goal of one new sign-up per day. Take a look at the top producers. Interview them and sit in on one of their trainings. How do they market and train their team? Look for a “blueprint”, or a “system” that will get you started step-by-step.

See Training below.

5Linx Review: Training

Marketing materials, group trainings conferences and calls are provided at both the local and national level. This is pretty typical of MLM companies. They pitch the “old school” style of marketing and it’s the #1 reason people fail: chasing prospects and attempting to convince them that they want your offering. This is a difficult way to work the market and strange considering the products they sell.

On the Internet, you’ll be able to get between fify and 200 leads, daily.That’s actually, several hundred people per day, looking at your opportunity. Physically talking to that many people is tough and that is the beauty of the Internet where they come to you. People will actually flock to YOU.

Massive Income Awaits 5Linx Distributors

Leverage the Internet. The big questions – where is it people shop when they purchase electronics? ONLINE. This is a great business, expecially when the products are sold via Attraction Marketing and the Internet. The distributor who uses the Internet for their business will dominate the market in a matter of months and that’s exactly why I put together this website.

No more:
Home and hotel meetings
Approaching strangers
Burning out your friends and family

Instead, powerful online sales funnels:
People help themselves to the information on your website
They buy online from you, any time day or night.

I’ve done it for my business and many, many others. I can teach you the same exact things that I did.

A Review On Dewsoft Overseas Mlm Business Opportunity

A Brief Look On The Wesbite of Dewsoft Overseas Business Opportunity suggests that the company has been around from last seven years in the market place which is a very good time period for any mlm company to complete.

Hence as far as stability is concerned with Dewsoft OverSeas Business Opportunity which is also known as big banyan tree , it is not a problem.

Talking about the compensation plan , Dewsoft Overseas Has A Binary plan structure with a max payout of less than two lakh rupees in a week.

This makes the plan of dewsoft overseas a bit weak as now there are other binary plans available wherein the max payout is upto fourteen lakhs in a week and for example we have a company called myvideotalk wherein a person can earn upto two lakh a day in binary

In terms of the prodyc range , dewsoft overseas mainly deals with educational centres and services and have been pretty successful in terms of product acceptance specially in the rural parts wherein computer and other forms of education are missing.

On the training front dewsoft overseas does organize somevery big mega motivation seminars and have good support tools and structures.

However if we talk to todays world building mlm online is a necessity and that is one area I feel wherein dewsoft lacks as they do not have any kidn of trainings on how to build dewsoft overseas online.

Hence for anybody who is looking to join dewsoft overseas should consider all these factors and take an informed decision

Controlling The Financial Performance Of Your Business

There are numerous factors which impact on the performance and viability of your business. It is therefore imperative that you monitor and control your financial performance. Debt control and budgeting are two elements of this, and of particular importance is your business cash flow.

Many profitable businesses have gone under due to a lack of attention to their cash flow; they have insufficient cash available to pay their bills. Thus, you must plan and control your cash flow in order to effectively manage your business.

Some strategies that may assist in this include:

* Increasing the speed of cash receipts by good debt control strategies

* Avoiding excessive stock holdings by managing stock levels and obtaining reliable, prompt suppliers

* Planning the purchase of equipment and other capital expenditure for periods when surplus funds exist

* Planning to have sufficient reserves to carry your business through the inevitable periods when unexpected expenses are incurred

* Avoiding excessive investment in plant, equipment and other fixed assets which may leave too little working capital available (particularly in periods of falling prices, declining sales or increasing interest rates)

* Avoiding over borrowing as this may place a strain on working capital, loans still have to be repaid even if revenue is decreasing

* Maintain adequate working capital to fund the growth as increasing sales also means increasing costs, your working capital requirements therefore, need to be continually reviewed

* Delaying outgoings by taking advantage of the credit terms offered by your suppliers and paying when it suits your cash flow

* Reducing outgoings by taking advantage of discounts when appropriate and working capital permits

* And most importantly, regularly comparing your actual cash flows to your budgeted cash flows, analysing the differences, and taking action based on this analysis

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Business Travel Tips

Traveling for Company is Less Stressful Whenever You Take the time to Prepare and Organize.

Here are some strategies for your company travel which will make that period far from home just a little more fun. Let’s begin with packing for business travel. Begin with purchasing a great carry one bag. Any seasoned business traveler will explain continue is the only method to travel. It can help you stay from baggage claim and you will definitely never need to worry about lost luggage. Buy a few high quality pieces constructed of polyurethane-treated fabric which have nylon zippers. The polyurethane can keep the moisture out as well as the nylon zippers are much less very likely to snag.Consider keeping a duplicate of whenever possible with regards to those activities that you employ on a regular basis like your toiletries. By doing this you won’t need to worry about unpacking them whenever you return home. They could just remain in your company travel bags. You may even consider likely to the local drugstore to buy trial sizes of the toiletries. Attempt to pack your bag with space-saving in your mind. Reduce the amount of business suits for instance by packing alternate shirts and ties which will go with similar suit.Women can transform the look of the suit with various blouses, scarves, sweaters or jewelry. Pack socks and underwear within your shoes. Furthermore this save space but it will help keep your form of your shoes. Pack your belts round the side of your suitcase. When it comes to the things to bring along think about those activities which are necessities and the ones items which may make your company travel a bit much more comfortable.

Listed here is a business travel tip when selecting your mode of transportation. When selecting transportation for business travel the space that you may be traveling should be thought about. Although air travel is definitely the first choice with regards to long journeys for any shorter trip that is just a handful of hundred miles away a train or automobile could be the better choice. Look at the time you will spend traveling back and forth from the airport. Also, don’t forget to think about the time taken in the airport to check on in, board, disembark and after that find transportation for your final destination etc.

If you choose to fly consider alternative airports just outside your departure and destination city. Typically these airports might have fewer flights but additionally may have less potential for overbooking and delays.

Always try to remain in hotels that focus on business travel. Many of these hotels may have high- speed access to the internet and can offer use of business machines. For unbiased reviews off their business travelers just like you our recommendation is that you research

hotel reviews

One of the more essential business travel tips would be to look at your cellular service before leaving for an additional city. Talk with your mobile phone provider. You might find they don’t provide service where your company travel goes and for that reason you will have to find a different carrier with this trip.Could you imagine not discovering until you’re there!

Hope which you will find these business travel tips helpful and could all your business travel bring further success!

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Business process CRM integration

To ensure enterprise’s different needs, enterprise data integration acts to combine data from various resources. It also incorporates information sharing among different business applications. Nowadays, irrespective of the status, data integration of enterprise is a well-tested and practiced method by every company and business group in order to manage the company resources. These practices become very much important due to the presence of internet-based marketers and service providers.

The main benefits of enterprise data integration include quick data delivery and data sharing. Also, it involves:

– less time involvement in capturing data – removal of data gathering and duplicate data entry – cutting both time and capital required for data entry – enhancement in customer satisfaction through better customer data integration and customer contact – report printing and preparation – improved product or service marketing – real time data availability – simplification of all procedures – enhancement in sales force automation

Different techniques are also involved in such procedure and they are:

– Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) – Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) – Enterprise Information Integration (EII) – Master Data Management(MDI) – Customer Data Integration (CDI)

When it is the matter of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), then it is considered as the data integration technology. The major processes engaged in this integration application are:

– Data propagation – Data consolidation – Data federation

This kind of data integration for the enterprise is known for its data processing systems, which are capable of accessing multiple databases. It provides real-time meaningful information and produce exact results on demand. These solutions involve right information in proper places like, data marts, data warehouses and consolidation repositories, without any kind of manual effort. Various software programs and specific communication tools are available to ensure proper solution for the entire process.

There are five levels engaged in this data integration process and they are:

– enterprise portals or user interfaces – collaboration tools – business process management systems – enterprise applications integration level – enterprise information integration level

Now, let us discuss about web-based CRM integration. In simple words, it is one process of building a web-based CRM application for any enterprise in order to manage its client data resources. When web-based CRM integration is adopted by any organization, different companies become eligible to provide much-desirable freedom to the customer service staff, so that they can accessall types of information stored across several databases, without worrying about the geographical location. If companies can depend on this kind of application, then it can improve the efficiency of the customer service team. Though the major dependency remains in the stability, functionality and interface of the actual CRM developed.

Background Of Franchising Business

Franchising is known to be among the available options that businessmen and entrepreneurs can use as business opportunities without having to go through the usual motions of having to brainstorm and hypothesize on studies that most business tycoons would initially make. Franchising can be seen today in local food chain stores like McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway. They are practically seen in all countries of the world.

Mixed Origins of Franchising
Franchising does not really have a clear trace of its background. There has been various information as to where the franchising business originated. These include countries like China, England, and Europe and of course the United States. It is even traced as far as the Middle Ages where the business opportunity issues back then was more on the lack of transportation for the goods to be transferred from one place to another. Other considered franchising as well as a means of establishing stands, vendors and a better means of being able to offer goods towards customers in other places within the coverage area.

Franchising at a Glance
Franchising is not a new term for defining business opportunities. It extends as far as home business opportunities for people who would want to be their own boss and hold their own business hours. Franchises would usually depend on the location to which franchisees would want them to be located, ideally in populated and commercialized areas for maximum exposure. Depending on the product or service to which the franchise caters, people can even do business from their own footsteps at home. This way the expenses to be incurred such as rent or warehouse allocation expense can be avoided, an expense that is certainly something tough on the budget allocation constraints of franchise owners.

Think Big but Start Small
A franchising business does not have to start big. Just like any ordinary business, it can start from the simplest and smallest business. Like most business endeavors, as long as they are managed properly, business can grow at an instant at any time. Franchises are not different from conceptualized businesses and the varying factor would be the people who would run it and how they would view such a business at a glance.

Placement and Scope of Target Market
Placement of franchise establishments, just like any other product that most people would be interested in today would have to analyze and survey the market class to which they would want to serve. It is not merely a place and operate venture. It requires gathering strategies and putting minds into action, the usual backbone towards success in business ventures.

There will always be issues concerning the target market and identifying what product or service to serve. This has always been the issue that makes businesses different from others and unless it is properly defined, a franchise or business will falter eventually if franchising business owners are not careful.

A boon for small business

There are businesses and there are well managed businesses. To manage and expand a small business into a growing enterprise is no small deal. But what you need for such growth is diligent manpower and a powerful on-the-go support system which keeps you on the edge of the ever expanding technology. This is where business management software comes into play. How good is it? Small business needs its operations to be streamlined to meet their growth targets in specific time duration so that profit margins can be realized faster. This calls for a specialized business management software that will empower the client to focus on the core competencies and heads toward excellence in their field. This software provides affordable and scalable measures so that all the business information is captured in one place and easily accessible. It also accelerates and automates your end-to-end business process so as to minimize your downtime. You can run your business in real time thereby providing you clients with ultra fast performance and intelligent decision making. Functionality Different business management software caters to different aspects of a business. Right from your financial and operational functions to your administration and sales figures-it provides you with a gamut of services in one comprehensive package. Tailor made to suit your business, it has a window to add on additional applications as per your business needs-be it education, IT, manufacturing etc. This software is available on-premise and on cloud to give you accessibility to the platform from anywhere around the world. It gives a simplified architecture by providing us with relevant data and tools to identify our risks and opportunities. Deployment Since the deployment of such business management software takes only two to eight weeks, you can streamline your business affordably without losing out on profits and customers. Many software companies offer pre designed business modules to start off with and as you progress, you can always add on your specific features to the software. This gives the software the flexibility to be used by different users at different time zones at their own pace. read